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Club de Cuervos

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cuervosI recently finished up the first season of Netflix’s original series, Club de Cuervos.

It was great!

The show is particularly fascinating because it is a Spanish-language series, set in Mexico, but produced by a US-oriented team and feels very much like an American production.

The show is set in the fictional city of Nuevo Toledo, Mexico, and tracks two siblings who inherit a mediocre professional soccer team when their industrialist father dies.

The show’s creators envisioned, “Game of Thrones set in the world of soccer.” To me, though, the show evoked the movie Major League, maybe with a dash of USA Network sprinkled in. I love USA Network so much.

It’s funny and kind of suspenseful, without being too serious, and a good way to practice Spanish and learn a little bit about Mexican flyover country.

Watch it!