Juno – The History That Wasn’t

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Juno came and went. It dropped almost no snow in DC, a little in New York, and more in New England. Everybody survived (literally, I think – I haven’t read of a single fatality).

People will die later.

They will die later because they won’t evacuate their homes when forecasters warn of a hurricane or other natural disaster.

And why should they?

As recently as last night, The Weather Channel was hyping the potentially “historic” nature of the storm, putting together a list of the top 5 snowfalls in Boston and Providence.

Juno became the first snowstorm in history, to preemptively shut down the New York subway.

This morning, Governor Cuomo said, “We got lucky.”

And fair enough. But huge forecasting misses like this are a major reason people don’t evacuate during hurricanes.


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A friend recently asked me about our trip to Cuba, to run the Havana Marathon.

Here are my notes:

  • Cuba was a lot of fun.
  • The marathon was a death march. I hadn’t trained enough and it was crazy hot and sunny and humid and all those 1950s cars belching exhaust on the roads, so I stumbled to the finish in 4:35.
  • The country has elements of the former Soviet Union, France, Detroit, and 1950s America (the cars). And Latin America.
  • Capitalism is very slowly taking hold – people run tourist restaurants out of their apartments now, as well as renting out rooms, and small time bed & breakfasts. We stayed in a bed & breakfast that was actually more like a boutique hotel, although that level of capitalism is still rare.
  • No advertisements of any kind, anywhere. Except for socialism. So many billboards promoting socialism, communism, patriotism, the fight against Yankee imperialism.
  • Fidel (now Raul) runs the country, of course. Everybody we met told us that they hate him, although maybe they just knew that’s what I wanted to hear.
  • But to the extent there’s a cult of personality, they’ve really built it more around Ché than Fidel.
  • Ultimately, Cuba seems to be going the way of China more than the way of North Korea.

Our Trip to Texas

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As told through a series of online reviews:

Tito’s Mexican Restaurant, San Antonio

Hilda’s Tortillas, Fredericksburg

Inn of the Hills Resort and Conference Center, Kerrville

Cross-G-Ranch, Pipe Creek

Heavy’s Barbeque, Hondo

Molé, Corpus Christi

Naval Air Station Kingsville, Kingsville

Blue Ribbon Deli & Coffee Bar, Kingsville

Hermann Park, Houston

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Thai Bistro, Houston

Frank, Austin

Extended Stay America – Round Rock – North, Round Rock

Whole Foods Market, Austin

Black’s Barbeque, Lockhart


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Happy 33! I had a very nice birthday weekend – my birthday was on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, so that was pretty great.

We went to a churrascaria and I ate lots of meat on swords. That was fun.







Then we took Maddie to her Urban Herding class on Saturday, and then to Dog Days of Summer at AT&T Park, courtesy of Whistle! Maddie probably had at least as good a birthday weekend as I did.