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Happy 33! I had a very nice birthday weekend – my birthday was on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, so that was pretty great.

We went to a churrascaria and I ate lots of meat on swords. That was fun.







Then we took Maddie to her Urban Herding class on Saturday, and then to Dog Days of Summer at AT&T Park, courtesy of Whistle! Maddie probably had at least as good a birthday weekend as I did.




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A few days ago we lived through the biggest Bay Area earthquake in 25 years. It wasn’t much.

To be fair, it had a much bigger impact in American Canyon and Napa, near the epicenter. Fortunately, nobody there was hurt, although there was a lot of property damage – including, notably, a lot of spilled wine.

Where we live, 45 miles away in San Mateo, the impact was minimal. For one thing, the earthquake was at 3:30am on a Saturday night, so a lot of people slept through it. I did wake up, but I wasn’t totally sure whether I had dreamed it or not. I went to the bathroom and then slipped back to sleep.

I take it the Big One is still coming.

Dinner with Thais

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Thais came to San Francisco! I hadn’t seen her probably for 5 years, so it was great that Aunt Deena told me she was in town. She was taking a week-long class at USF, checking out the city and thinking of moving here long-term.

We went to an early dinner at Green Chile Kitchen and showed her all about New Mexican food – horchata, sopapillas, green chile enchiladas. It was great!


Mexico City

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Kristina and I went to Mexico City over the weekend and had a blast.

Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the New World. Cortez brought Europeans to the city in the 16th century, but it existed long before that as the center of the Aztec Empire and a city for pre-Aztec civilizations. So there’s lots to do there.

We spent the first day at an art museum, and then boating through the floating gardens of Xochimilco. We also had some fantastic churros.

On Sunday, we woke up early to be among the first at Teotihuacan, an enormous pre-Aztec city and the site of the largest pyramids outside of Egypt. We even climbed the pyramids!

Then we visited the Castillo de Chapultapec and had lunch at the beautiful Hacienda de Los Morales.

Monday saw an enormous, three-story courtyard completely tiled with Diego Rivera murals, and then headed to the airport.

We also had a fantastic stay at the Hampton Inn Mexico City, which is built inside a beautiful historic building next to the Zocalo. Free with Hilton Honors points!



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In a bit of an epic battle, I’ve got my standing desk mostly working. The desk-on-a-desk is set up, laptop dual-boots Ubuntu and Windows 8.1, and the big 27″ monitor is arriving today.

The last little bit is my keyboard and mouse.

I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on the theory that it would be great to have one less set of wires or USB dongles to plug in. But now I’m finding that every time I reboot my computer, I have to use the laptop’s physical keyboard to get into Windows or Ubuntu, and then re-pair the mouse and keyboard. It’s a huge pain, and it would be easier just to buy a USB dongle and use a non-Bluetooth setup.

Is there a better way?